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2Step Tuesday's resident and founding member SYNEATER aka David Morris just released this mix for UK label Downplay Recordings. We are so excited to have him featured and this mix shows just why they chose him for the opportunity.

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Released 8.7.2019

Connektions (Mind Of A Dragon Mix) - Nekst
Looking For - MKII
Free - Kobe JT
Decisions - Zemon
Porsche 928 - Fork and Knife
Dust Off - Jack Selecta
Movin’ - MKII
Static (dub mix) - Limita
Intentions - Limita
Caramel Colour - Burnie
Open Arms - Mykroboy
Dust Off (MKII remix) - Jack Selecta
Connektions (Tuff Culture mix) - Nekst
See Through - Zemon
Give Me - MKII
Risky Business - Fork and Knife
This One - Zemon
Cloudy Soul - Burnie
I Can Do - Sine Step
Horizon - Mykroboy
Unrest - Sine Step
Go - Sine Step
Cloudy Soul (Kobe JT mix) - Burnie
Gosh - Jack Selecta