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Well-known Pittsburgh local CUTUPS presents his HOT BUTTER BASH [MIX].
105 min mix of smooth and rugged UK garage, future garage, bassline, 2-step and uk funky jams, both hot buttered and classic
recorded june 2019

Residency | Lazercrunk @ Brillobox

contact / bookings:

mind of a dragon - lemonade (@mindofadragon)
smokey bubblin b - yang (@smokey-bubblin-b-992965020)
redlight feat sweetie irie - zum zum (@redlight-uk)
matt craig - bacon fries
unknown artist - unknown
darkzy & example - drops (moad remix) (@darkzyuk)
on1 - slinky (fork and knife remix) (@on1uk)
murder he wrote - honey riddim (@murder-he-wrote)
soundbwoy killah - the bounce (@soundbwoykillahdem)
mind of a dragon - omg (@mindofadragon)
kastle - 4 real (@kastle)
martyn - recon (@3024world)
yak - don greno (@yaksound)
tuff culture - the one (@tuffculture)
dj madd - take it down low (@djmadd)
cellardore - get right inside (@cellardore1)
para - so excited
artful dodger & craig david - re-rewind (the crowd say boo selecta)
izco - mr dred (@e5izco)
wolfe - do me right (@WolfeTime)
exit99 - it's a long way (@exit_99)
higgo - interlude (@higgouk)
killjoy - disturbance (@KilljoyBadBoy)
stanton warriors feat stush and foreign beggars - they follow (@stantonwarriors)
glacci - reflector (@glacci)
warp addicts - ruffneck n' rugged (@warpaddicts)
deckstar - make it through (checan remix) (@deckstar_dj-mix)
dismantle x champion - body bag (@championdj)
roska x jus now - eedyat thing featuring fox (@roskaroskaroska)
123mrk - pleasure (@123mrk)
arkist - out of the sun (@arkist)
madd again - bawlout (flava d remix) (@madd-again)
sekt-87 - gangster (@sekt-87)
liam b - bricklayer
ciara ft ludacris - oh (juicy joints 2-step mix) (@juicy-joints-music)
horsepower productions - when you hold me
gella - twinkle (@gella)
sorrow - aesthetics (@sorrow90087)
dj deller - romantic call (@djdeller)
submerse - searching (@submerse)
horsepower productions - rude boyz (@horsepowerproductionsofficial)
menta - sounds of the future
r.i.p. productions - ice cream (@ripproductionsofficial)
trg - decisions (@trg)
untold - dante (@untold)
burial - claustro (@burial)